Friday, April 7, 2017

Link For AP Sites

Use this link to access a treasure-trove of information.  There are review guides, practice questions, etc. all linked here.

Test Review Materials

This page is specifically designed to help provide materials to help you review for the AP Exam.  Here is a quick explanation for each of the items you will find linked below:

  • Unit Guides- these are summaries of important information from each of the units covered on the exam.  Contains many of the vocabulary terms, but provides a bit more context/explanation. 
  • Vocabulary- a list of defined terms for each unit of study
  • Free Response- these are the free response questions from the last 10 years and the scoring guides, which identify valid responses
  • Practice Tests- this is a practice test and answer key for the multiple choice section.  Remember that on the actual exam you will have 45 minutes to complete the 60 questions.
  • Supreme Court Cases- a different document than the one you received in class.  This might be a good way to review cases and read descriptions for a few cases we didn't get to.
  • Web Sites/Online Resources- these are different websites and online materials that might be useful.  There are video reviews, practice questions, flashcards, and practice exams.

2003 Questions                                                   2008 Questions
2003 Scoring Guide                                            2008 Scoring Guide
2004 Questions                                                   2009 Questions
2004 Scoring Guide                                            2009 Scoring Guide
2005 Questions                                                   2010 Questions
2005 Scoring Guide                                            2010 Scoring Guide
2006 Questions                                                   2011 Questions
2006 Scoring Guide                                             2011 Scoring Guide
2007 Questions                                                    2012 Questions
2007 Scoring Guide                                             2012 Scoring Guide
                                                                             2013 Questions
                                                                             2013 Scoring Guide

PRACTICE EXAMS (one more will be added next week)



Review Session Dates and Topics

All review sessions will be in my classroom (p-32) and will occur from 2:30-3:15.  In the event that my wife births a child this schedule may need to be altered slightly.

  1. 4/11--Constitutional Underpinnings
  2. 4/13--Political Beliefs/Behaviors
  3. 4/18-- Interest Groups, Political Parties, and Media
  4. 4/20--Congress and the President
  5. 4/25--Civil Rights and Liberties
  6. 4/27--Courts and Bureaucracy
  7. 5/2--Practice test/misc.
  8. 5/3--Practice test/misc.